30 July 2020 @ 06:10 pm

This is the journal of nessa, where I dump my sheet music and some fangirling, as well as some real-life moments. I'm mostly described in my profile, but put simply, I'm a band geek and a fan of pretty boys. (Mind you, that's put REALLY simply, because I could go on about both for a very long time.) Toss in some gaming, some animé and some nerding, and you've pretty much got me.

Personal posts are locked so you don't have to read my fangirling and RL drama (not really drama), but full-blown fandom posts will be public. Any of my sheet music will be public, so you don't have to add me to access my stuff (and I will try to cross-post in the proper communities anyway). However, I'm open to being friends, as long as you think we have something in common. Just please, don't randomly add me - I reserve the right to not friend anyone that I don't think I know, which I think you guys will all agree with.

Sheet music and writing have been moved into one shiny master post for your convenience. Here, have my drama list, too. :D

Enjoy scrolling around!