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Nessa ([personal profile] elincia) wrote on December 24th, 2009 at 12:30 am
Solo Piano Arrangement: LIGHT IN YOUR HEART - V6
After practically four months, I'm finally posting sheet music. Ah, my lost love.

Warning: LIGHT IN YOUR HEART is not exactly a piano-friendly song. I attempted this because I like playing things on piano and I figured out a good chunk of it, so I thought "Why not?" It's not exactly the most stunning thing you'll hear, but I think most of it works out. The good thing is that the chords weren't overly funky. :D

As a result, the left hand is pretty simple. Though together, both hands have some weird rhythms, but don't worry, you can change the left hand to suit your needs. What I put is just an idea.

Download Link (MU)

The download is a .rar file with a PDF and an MP3 of Finale playback. I suggest the sustain pedal. This version hasn't been tested yet - well, not all of it - so there may be some weird spots. Particularly the guitar solo. I actually slowed that section down to try and lift the guitar solo, but it didn't really work because it was really hard to listen to, so part of it's made up.

My next V6 sheet should be much more piano-friendly... except I have to figure out what to do with that guitar solo too. XD
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