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Nessa ([personal profile] elincia) wrote on February 1st, 2010 at 11:15 am
the saiyaku post of tardy arrival
I promised to do this last week, and I've finally gotten around to it! I actually spent quite a while making caps, which is failtastic on my part. Wow. Okay, onto the real deal.

It certainly wasn't a masterpiece, but it was an entertaining drama - I mean, what can you expect from a one-shot SP drama? - and it played to their strengths in roles. (My mom, who watched it today, commented on that. XD) And I mean, it doesn't have to be amazing, but fans will find what they're looking for anyway, just because these roles seem so typical of them now. I, at least, got my dose of Nino!snark. Or snark!Nino. Or both XD

At first, I wasn't really thinking about it too much, though I did think that whoever cast Aiba in his role was really clever. Aiba's got that kind of cozy café feel to him and he's easy to talk to, so I think it fit him perfectly. I did get kind of suspicious as to what the heck he was going to do in the washroom, because how the heck was he going to get out, really? But he was adorable in his trademark dorky self.

By the way, credits to STORMY for the subs. (Please tell me this isn't breaking any rules. D: Or I'll have to go back and get the RAW or something, darnit.)

And then afterward since he couldn't leave the place he figured he should sit on the sink in the toilet. XD His hands are very neatly folded into his lap, too. I don't really know why I find this really amusing, but I do. Oh, Aiba. :D

Then, when Ohno came by in the vent, Aiba shoots him this puppy-eyed look of desperation:

But man, it was cute.

Ohno spent a whole lot of time in the vent... but at this one point when I capped this, I thought it was like he was posing for a shoot XD

You know, leaning against the arm, reclining almost leisurely... but I found that at times, Ohno really had some words of wisdom with Iio-san. What an old wizened man he is. Maybe it comes from his fishing :D

But Ohno tends to play these kinds of people who emit negative energy around them, those ones who used to be happy, sunny people and then they get covered up by life's sadness. Or at least, that's what I've seen of him. Considering how suntanned sunny he can be, it's a really interesting contrast.

I figured something was up when Sho started spewing Fuyuko's past information out. It was kind of creepy. I mean, who would want an insurance salesman - who, by the way, is pretty much a complete stranger - come up to you while you're a hostage in a building and tell you that he knows you've been to Northern Europe?

Then, we get this beautiful and very creepy close-up of Sho:

Yeah, something was up.

´╗┐But Sho, being all righteous and heroic because that's the kind of characters he portrays (along with being in suits!), has to stand on the table and go yell at the video camera, because... well, that's just the kind of guy he is.

Jun, on the other hand, is too busy acting cool to be a hero. He's chasing after Meisa. And when I saw this, I thought to myself how utterly typical it is for Jun to act with the girl. Like... really. -_-"

But we get some other faces from Jun this time around, both of which I kind of caught by chance and thought they were amusing, so I capped them:

The text says it all, but I present the 'Jun in shock' face! And...

When I capped this, it was after Meisa left the security room and I thought Jun really looked like a lovesick puppy. Which is often the other role he reprises, so it's pretty amusing, lol. By the way, Meisa is really, really pretty. Just sayin'.

The thought didn't strike me to take a cap of Meisa until later, and I didn't really want to take one of her being all angry at Jun so I had to settle for this one. Just... yeah. I remember when I first saw her in Haikei, Chichiue-sama and I was like wow she's so pretty and yeah. My mom says she's pretty too. :D

Anyways, I've been saving Nino for last, for several obvious reasons. (My bias shows, lol.)

I think that this role fits him really well, in the sense that the snark really comes out when it can, but he's also got that reflective side to him that he shows in his interviews. But as always, snark comes first XD

I think I liked Nino's scenes so much not only for Nino, but his boss. Their conversations were just great. I liked how their personalities just bounced off each other. 

Then comes the confrontation with Aiba's not-so-cold coffee... and snark mode turns on!

Well, anal mode first. Then, when Aiba comes up with the coffee and cream puff...

It's okay Nino, I have cold drinks in winter too. I just had some ice cream last night :D (Look at that arrogant pose. XD)

And not only is Nino a brat to Aiba, he's a brat to his boss too.

Don't worry, Nino shows other faces besides snark mode! We have an angry face...

We have a guilty-looking face...

And we have Nino wallowing in self-pity (get it while you can!)...

Lastly, but not least in any means, is the smiling Nino face. :D

Just... yeah. Nino fangirl went a little overboard. XD

But of course, my favourite part is when they're all together at the end (come on, whose isn't?) and they're talking about what they did that day and stuff like that. Just seeing them all act together in a way that seems natural to them is great. And I took caps of them in the vent, because for some reason it amused me to see Arashi climbing through a vent.

First, we have Ohno, the veteran duct-crawler, leading the way...

Next we have the Neener in his suit, bumping his head XD

Then it's Sho, who's cringing and wincing the whole time through:

Then it's Jun, telling everyone to hurry up:

And lastly, it's Aiba being all happy as usual :D Typical of him to start the conversation. I tried catching his smiling face, but the only way I could was if he wasn't all the way up the duct yet and Jun's feet were still in the way. D:

And then, when everybody's together at the end, watching the building 'blow up'...

Aw, they're all so happy :D

... Aiba has to be the one to celebrate first. XD

In any case, Saigo no Yakusoku was fun to watch, though that might just be fandom speaking from my mouth. I didn't start watching it with very high expectations (I don't like listening to fangirl hype, that's what makes stuff overrated), so I was pretty pleased. :D

Oh, and question.

Is it just me, or is Higuita really another case of their face-mashing technology? XD

Wow, I didn't think I would be able to type this much on it. I definitely took too many caps, but I didn't feel like wasting any of them so they're all here, lol. (I kind of wish Sora Takaku was on the new single as an extra B-side, but oh well. Maybe it'll be put on a new album or something XD)

Okay, sushi time!
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