19 May 2011 @ 12:17 am
Solo Piano Arrangement: 命運線 (Destiny) - Super Junior-M  
Back to sheet music making! I miss this pastime, to be honest. XD

Since I don't have a job I have time, so I used my last two to three days pulling this together. It's kind of overlapping hands at times but that's why you have the sustain pedal! :D As usual, the audio file from Finale does it no justice so just try it out on your own. :)


Download contains audio file and the PDF of the sheet music. This file will be edited, because right now I don't have the composer on me right now D: If someone wants to share that info with me I'll put it on. (But I trust you all know that the song isn't mine.)

... I wish there was a way I could write the KRZ part at the end nicer, since it doesn't really do them justice. :|
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06 August 2010 @ 12:59 pm
Solo Piano Arrangement: 너라고 (It's You) - Super Junior  
I'm actually posting sheet music after over half a year! :D

So, a couple of months ago I got into Super Junior. It pretty much wreaked havoc on my way of operating, but I'm calming down now. :) In any case, I know that there are lots of other arrangements out there for this song, but I decided to try my hand at it anyway.

Without further ado, Super Junior's Neorago (It's You)!


In the .rar file are a PDF of the sheet music and an MP3 of what Finale's playback function made of it. Sustain pedal is your friend, especially since the Finale playback is pretty much lifeless on this one. I tried sticking really close to the original song, but the last part isn't as exciting because I didn't know how to put the adlibs in. D:

I guess this will stay hidden on my journal for now because I don't know where I'd post it, I suck at playing it and I wouldn't be able to record it anyway, but if anyone would like to give it a go, by all means! Feedback is very much appreciated, as always. I might end up tweaking it a bit myself. :)
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