17 June 2010 @ 10:35 pm
today marks the birthday of a very special neener  

(Yay for GMT -5.00 timing! Always late to the party, that's us XD)

So a little over a year and a half ago, I got inducted into the world of rainbows and sparkles. And at first, it wasn't for Neens. Like most people in these parts, I got Jun-baited by HYD (though I didn't really like him in that either, I just got curious and went on Wikipedia XD) and well, one thing led to another and I became an Arashi fangirl.

What was the turning point for my viewpoint on Nino? To be honest, I'm not too sure myself. It might have been his acting (or just the roles he was cast as and looked mighty fiiiiiiiiiiiiine in :D), it might have been AnS (because he snipes at everyone and I love him for it), or it might just have been his beautiful musicianship (needless to say, Niji is in my favourites XD). But in the end, my mind had settled that yes, Nino was indeed my number one.

One of my favourite episodes of AnS is the one where Higedanshaku (spelling?) goes on and Yamada Rui the 52nd complains about how his girlfriend is a huge Nino fan XD That cracked me up so much. And then Nino just went and stole the show, being the brat he is. What I love is that he might be all snarky and bratty, but in his interviews Nino reveals the other side of himself - the contemplative one, the mysterious one. It keeps me guessing, and it keeps me interested. And honestly, he comes up with good quotations in those :) Oh, and how he sang for the couples each time he went on MMA? Adorable.

Nino has pretty much become the archetype for my favourite kind of idol. When I look at my other idol fandoms I can see bits of Nino in each one, and I can't help but make that comparison. XD That's pretty much how much he's affected my state of mind. And really, I do love him for it. :D

May you continue to game on, be snarky and musical, and stay young! The 'eternally 17' moniker really fits, haha. (Seriously, his face doesn't change!)

Oh, and I forgot to tack on my gift!

I hope your ears don't bleed.
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26 December 2009 @ 08:06 pm
why the magician is number one  

So I'll try and remember as much as I had before the stupid thing died on me. Here goes.

I've never done a full-blown fandom post and I was busy with the scanner so Aegisub was being slowed down, so I started this instead! And it's about none other than my number one. I'm too lazy to go hunt down magazines so no scans, but there will be a couple screencaps. And I'm just bored, really, so not everything will come to my head, so let's consider this a work in progress. Because for sure I'll find more reasons I like this brat that I'll have to add. (And maybe if I'm not lazy, more screencaps.)

Like who, you ask? None other than Ninomiya Kazunari! :D

Why him out of the five dorks in the rainbow sparkles we call Arashi - well, you'll see.

tl;dr? not if it's for nino! :D )
12 August 2009 @ 11:47 pm
Piano/Vocal Arrangement: Kako (Konseki) - Ninomiya Kazunari  
I'm back! And putting more music up...

This was actually done a little while ago except I couldn't get a hold of any lyrics and I was too lazy to turn the file into a PDF and make the MP3 and compress the file and upload it... but now it's all there! Lyrics are courtesy of the wonderful [ profile] taijiproject , and while you're at it, take the time to read her beautiful translation (I would have tried to put it in the music too, but I had no room...)

So instead of practising for my piano exam (which is... in a few hours), here you go!

Download Link (MU)

Same as last time, inside the compressed file is a PDF file and an MP3. This time the MP3 is of the piano accompaniment only. It's not really an arrangement where you can play and sing at the same time (though I suppose if you're really good you could) - it was made with a two-person performance in mind. So if you can play but don't feel like singing, grab a friend! And if you can sing but can't do that and play at once, you can use the MP3... or grab a friend! :D

Spread the love, right? Because everyone needs a little bit of Nino music in their life.

Comments would be nice but not necessary, and recordings are welcome to be heard! Requests are also welcome for a song so long as you tell me what it should be arranged for and offer me some way of listening to it.

My next work is... about two-thirds done, so hopefully I can churn that out in a bit :D

I played Time Hollow for DS a few days ago and when I came back and looked at 'Kako', I immediately thought of the high school in the game XD
03 August 2009 @ 03:21 pm
Solo Piano Arrangement: Kako (Konseki) - Ninomiya Kazunari  
... this must be the first time I've ever put anything like this up online.

That aside! With the lull of summer and some time to spare, I went surfing around as usual and wound up listening to Nino's Iza, Now! concert solo. And fell in love with it. Then I tried looking for some sheet music for it (because I'm not very good playing by ear) and couldn't find any to the extent of my limited ability to search.

So I made some. :D Highly recommend using pedal, so the left hand carries a little more.

PDF + MP3 (MU) | JPEG (MU)

If you take the file, comments would be nice but not necessary (just because I don't always comment, and being hypocritical is counterproductive).

In the first compressed file is a PDF version of the transcription and an MP3 of how it sounded on Finale Playback. The second one is four JPEG images of the PDF, for anyone who's in a sticky situation and can't open a PDF, but right now the MP3 is NOT included in the second file.

I probably will not put up my own playing  - I'm honestly not very good - but if you would like to upload your playing of this arrangement, by all means, just please credit the transcription and send me a link because I'd like to hear someone else play it.

It's my first time arranging anything for solo piano (the only prior experience I have with transcription is a capella vocal work) so if anything sounds off, please feel free to leave any feedback for improvement. I'm also open for some requests at the moment, if anyone wants any.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I may do a piano/vocal arrangement, if inspiration comes.

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