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2011-01-01 02:02 pm

auld lang syne

Happy new year, everyone! I pray that your 2011 is one full of:

+ happiness - that your days will be brightened by a smile
+ success - that you will earn it in everything you do
+ discovery - find something new and worthwhile
+ peace - with others, and with yourself
+ commitment - something that will stick with you for the rest of your life
+ hope - to keep your motivation going in even the darkest of times
+ love - from your family, friends and even random strangers, and that you will have it to love in return

Take care, and God bless.


While I'm at it, I'll throw in my happy birthdays to the two celebrities I know born on January 1: Domoto Koichi and Lee Sungmin!

Admittedly, I don't know much about Koichi beyond the fact that he's in KinKi, can sing well, does ENDLESS SHOCK (and that really cool taiko sequence!) and that [livejournal.com profile] neivaxx is a huge fan XD But having your birthday celebrated at Countdown every year must be exciting :D To Koichi, who is still not as known to me, perhaps I'll take the chance to learn more about you this year - I hope that this year is full of successes for you!

Whether Sungmin is being cute or being fierce, he does it well; I love him both ways. He has so many talents - acting, singing, playing instruments, dancing, martial arts - and yet he is so incredibly humble about it all. To Sungmin, who seemed to go through a lot with his image this past year: I'll be happy and love you no matter how you are, so don't be too hard on yourself! You look the best when you smile, and I hope you know that. I'm so glad that last year I took a chance and got to know Super Junior, because it is people like you who continue to inspire me. :)

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A post about Kouhaku, Countdown and the Gayo Daejuns will come soon when I actually watch the first two and more of the others, but since it's Sungmin's birthday (even though I'm late on his side) I just have to say that he was super fierce on MBC and I loved every second of it. I don't know how he does it, but I personally think his image gap is brilliant. 
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2010-12-24 10:32 pm

masaki.com: homepage of miracles!

no worries bb, I'd hug you!

Aiba is this amazing ball of energy that bounces off the walls, the other members, the television screen, and everything in between. I love watching him, because his mood totally sets that of everyone around him, whether it's a 'let's work hard!' attitude or a 'wheeeeeeeeeeee' attitude. And in those extremely rare moments where we get to see him sit down and say a little about what he thinks about himself and others, something comes out that shows how much he cherishes his group.

He's been said to constantly profess his love for Arashi when he gets drunk, he's extremely cute with animals (which also seems to bring out his fail!English skills), and he says the dorkiest things that become the key words in fandom. And of course, true to his miracle boy title, he pulls out those impossible works time and time again. Or maybe he just has good luck and timing simultaneously. :D

Aiba, you silly dorky guy, happy birthday, and continue being the energetic person you are. Your smile lights up so many other people.
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2010-08-30 12:07 pm

to the most fabulous of them all


A significant portion of the people in Arashi fandom were baited by a certain drama known as Hana Yori Dango - yours truly included. And while it was not Domyouji Tsukasa that won me over at the time, it was this drama that led me to the land of rainbows, sparkles and failboats. The credit, of course, can only go to one man:


To be brutally honest, at first I didn't know what people saw in Jun; all I knew was that he was very popular and pretty much skyrocketed Arashi to the heights they are at now. But I thought there had to be something about him that made it worthwhile, so I stuck around and gave him a chance. And really, I think I'm glad I did.

Jun has a very interesting aura around him. His popularity makes him seem very distant and he sometimes gives off a very commanding feel (which may be a result of his DoS-ness), but take him off the stage and in a variety show and he's dorking it off with the rest of the group in a way that people wouldn't normally think is possible, just because he's so popular and seems above all the silly things they do. And yet, this is where I love him best; the fact that Jun can do these sorts of things makes him very endearing, and I love my idols dorky. This is why I think Arashi has survived and become very strong as a group - each of its members remembers the others and how critical they are to each other. (It's also why I kind of mourn the loss of AnS, but that's another story altogether.)

Aside from really sticking with the group, Jun comes up with cool ideas. When I first learned that he was the innovator of the moving stages, I really started to admire the thought he puts into Arashi's concerts. The fact that he would watch the concert footage to constantly better himself is crazy in itself, but it just shows how dedicated he is to his work and to his audience. He works hard at what he does, and even though he's not the best at it, he knows and has improved over the years. Others in his position would rest on their laurels of popularity, but not him.

And lastly, he can fail on his own terms too. The cracks in his DoS persona are absolutely hilarious (such as the scene from where I get the cap - marvelous indeed!). And he makes it a point to get along with everyone.

Happy birthday, Jun! May you love Arashi as you always do. :)
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2010-07-02 05:23 pm

to he who never seems to age

Happy birthday, Kenken! :)

Honestly, Ken doesn't look like he's thirty-one. Right?

For a mostly Tonisen-biased girl, Ken has become pretty much my second-favourite in V6. And for someone who prizes singing in her idols, Ken might be an interesting choice. Honestly, at first I wasn't a -huge- fan of Ken, but it was stuff like his cheekiness and his contemplativeness that got me. He's got such an interesting gap in what he writes and what he says that's quite unique to him.

My interest in Ken definitely shot up after watching his SCP interview. The nature of SCP is kind of serious, but he really gave a lot of thought into what he said. When he said he was 'the one who loves V6 the most', and then talked about the Honey Beat concept (which I loved!), I was a little surprised but more in admiration. And reading his jweb entries, they're not only funny but also poetic - and I get the vibe that it's so definitively him. I wish I could write like he does.

Lastly, he knows exactly when to be adorable and when to be attractive. And that, my friends, is a skill to be admired. XD

Here's to loving V6 and staying youthful!
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2010-06-17 10:35 pm

today marks the birthday of a very special neener


(Yay for GMT -5.00 timing! Always late to the party, that's us XD)

So a little over a year and a half ago, I got inducted into the world of rainbows and sparkles. And at first, it wasn't for Neens. Like most people in these parts, I got Jun-baited by HYD (though I didn't really like him in that either, I just got curious and went on Wikipedia XD) and well, one thing led to another and I became an Arashi fangirl.

What was the turning point for my viewpoint on Nino? To be honest, I'm not too sure myself. It might have been his acting (or just the roles he was cast as and looked mighty fiiiiiiiiiiiiine in :D), it might have been AnS (because he snipes at everyone and I love him for it), or it might just have been his beautiful musicianship (needless to say, Niji is in my favourites XD). But in the end, my mind had settled that yes, Nino was indeed my number one.

One of my favourite episodes of AnS is the one where Higedanshaku (spelling?) goes on and Yamada Rui the 52nd complains about how his girlfriend is a huge Nino fan XD That cracked me up so much. And then Nino just went and stole the show, being the brat he is. What I love is that he might be all snarky and bratty, but in his interviews Nino reveals the other side of himself - the contemplative one, the mysterious one. It keeps me guessing, and it keeps me interested. And honestly, he comes up with good quotations in those :) Oh, and how he sang for the couples each time he went on MMA? Adorable.

Nino has pretty much become the archetype for my favourite kind of idol. When I look at my other idol fandoms I can see bits of Nino in each one, and I can't help but make that comparison. XD That's pretty much how much he's affected my state of mind. And really, I do love him for it. :D

May you continue to game on, be snarky and musical, and stay young! The 'eternally 17' moniker really fits, haha. (Seriously, his face doesn't change!)

Oh, and I forgot to tack on my gift!

I hope your ears don't bleed.
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2010-05-17 10:04 pm

happy birthday to the smiliest of smilies!

I never make more than one mouth on a smiley. Today, I will make an exception to this rule.


Honestly, no smiley face can really represent how awesome his grin is. When I first got into V6 and watched their variety shows, I was immediately drawn to how much he smiled. He had a great laugh and he was always being silly, which made me laugh. Soon enough, he became the member I would watch.

Then as I learned more about them, I discovered that he was the owner of that amazing voice I was hearing. Because I got into V6 for their music first, I was in awe at how well he sang, not only in his solo lines but how he meshed with the rest of the group, and how his voice was powerful and full of emotion.

Then I learned he played guitar. And being the sucker for musicians I am, it only confirmed that he was my favourite V6 member.

And so I deemed him awesome. XD

He's wonderfully honest and he is very capable. Not only is he a great singer and performer (a backflip HB, haha), he's also a great talker and that's been rewarded with his morning show. I'm glad that he's getting the recognition that he deserves and I hope he's managing his schedule very well. His jweb is also incredibly cute in his usage of emoticons and his arbitrary subject choice, and it connects to so many.

If I were to analyze the V6 family, we'd have Sakamoto-papa, Nagano-mama, the Kamisen kids and Inocchi would be the loyal and cuddly family dog who brings the family together (speaking of dog, I think whoever decided to make that commercial with him as a postman and that dog is awesome). And not only is he part of this wonderful family, he has one of his own! I'm proud of him for being part of the small married crowd of Johnny's, haha. (I don't know why I should be proud of this, is that sad?)

Inocchi, thank you for being awesome, and I hope you will continue being awesome. :)