24 December 2010 @ 10:32 pm homepage of miracles!  

no worries bb, I'd hug you!

Aiba is this amazing ball of energy that bounces off the walls, the other members, the television screen, and everything in between. I love watching him, because his mood totally sets that of everyone around him, whether it's a 'let's work hard!' attitude or a 'wheeeeeeeeeeee' attitude. And in those extremely rare moments where we get to see him sit down and say a little about what he thinks about himself and others, something comes out that shows how much he cherishes his group.

He's been said to constantly profess his love for Arashi when he gets drunk, he's extremely cute with animals (which also seems to bring out his fail!English skills), and he says the dorkiest things that become the key words in fandom. And of course, true to his miracle boy title, he pulls out those impossible works time and time again. Or maybe he just has good luck and timing simultaneously. :D

Aiba, you silly dorky guy, happy birthday, and continue being the energetic person you are. Your smile lights up so many other people.