19 May 2011 @ 12:17 am
Solo Piano Arrangement: 命運線 (Destiny) - Super Junior-M  
Back to sheet music making! I miss this pastime, to be honest. XD

Since I don't have a job I have time, so I used my last two to three days pulling this together. It's kind of overlapping hands at times but that's why you have the sustain pedal! :D As usual, the audio file from Finale does it no justice so just try it out on your own. :)


Download contains audio file and the PDF of the sheet music. This file will be edited, because right now I don't have the composer on me right now D: If someone wants to share that info with me I'll put it on. (But I trust you all know that the song isn't mine.)

... I wish there was a way I could write the KRZ part at the end nicer, since it doesn't really do them justice. :|
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06 August 2010 @ 12:59 pm
Solo Piano Arrangement: 너라고 (It's You) - Super Junior  
I'm actually posting sheet music after over half a year! :D

So, a couple of months ago I got into Super Junior. It pretty much wreaked havoc on my way of operating, but I'm calming down now. :) In any case, I know that there are lots of other arrangements out there for this song, but I decided to try my hand at it anyway.

Without further ado, Super Junior's Neorago (It's You)!


In the .rar file are a PDF of the sheet music and an MP3 of what Finale's playback function made of it. Sustain pedal is your friend, especially since the Finale playback is pretty much lifeless on this one. I tried sticking really close to the original song, but the last part isn't as exciting because I didn't know how to put the adlibs in. D:

I guess this will stay hidden on my journal for now because I don't know where I'd post it, I suck at playing it and I wouldn't be able to record it anyway, but if anyone would like to give it a go, by all means! Feedback is very much appreciated, as always. I might end up tweaking it a bit myself. :)
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24 December 2009 @ 12:30 am
Solo Piano Arrangement: LIGHT IN YOUR HEART - V6  
After practically four months, I'm finally posting sheet music. Ah, my lost love.

Warning: LIGHT IN YOUR HEART is not exactly a piano-friendly song. I attempted this because I like playing things on piano and I figured out a good chunk of it, so I thought "Why not?" It's not exactly the most stunning thing you'll hear, but I think most of it works out. The good thing is that the chords weren't overly funky. :D

As a result, the left hand is pretty simple. Though together, both hands have some weird rhythms, but don't worry, you can change the left hand to suit your needs. What I put is just an idea.

Download Link (MU)

The download is a .rar file with a PDF and an MP3 of Finale playback. I suggest the sustain pedal. This version hasn't been tested yet - well, not all of it - so there may be some weird spots. Particularly the guitar solo. I actually slowed that section down to try and lift the guitar solo, but it didn't really work because it was really hard to listen to, so part of it's made up.

My next V6 sheet should be much more piano-friendly... except I have to figure out what to do with that guitar solo too. XD
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05 September 2009 @ 07:54 pm
Solo Piano Arrangement: Wish - S.E.N.S.  
My friend [ profile] suckslikethat asked me to transcribe from a video she saw on YouTube of a medley of things from 'Kami-sama, Mou Sukoshi Dake' (or however it's written, sorry).

I did some tinkering, and gave my file to her. I then listened to the original version and it truly is pretty. So I added eight bars that weren't present in the above video and came out with this version of Wish. It was hard to add in stuff, because there's a lot that this arrangement doesn't have in terms of texture change. Do give the original a listen, it has a beautiful horn.

Download Link (MU)

As usual, pedal is your friend :D And the .rar contains the PDF and an MP3 of Finale's playback.

And yes, I am trying something as crazy as making LIGHT IN YOUR HEART into piano. >_< 

25 August 2009 @ 05:00 pm
Solo Piano Arrangement: Voyager - V6  
[ profile] kaychung I DID IT I FINALLY DID IT I FINISHED IT. :D (Tell me if you want another arrangement for guitar.)

I started this roughly two weeks ago because I got completely and utterly obsessed with Voyager. And then I went and listened to other V6 songs and watched some of their shows and got the Voyager album and whatnot and it took a while for me to sit down and finally finish it instead of all the stuff I promised my friends I'd do. And here are the fruits of my labour!

That sounded much more impressive than it really is...

It might sound awkward since there are a lot of synthesized sounds and more extra parts in Voyager than I could replicate in a somewhat easy-to-play manner (since I did most of it actually at the piano rather than my usual mess-around-on-Finale method), but it's not too bad. ^^"

Download Link (MU)

The sustain pedal is your friend. :D

The .rar file contains a PDF of the sheet music and an MP3 of Finale playing the music back to me. I'm lazy so I don't have any dynamics marked in, but I trust you all know how the song goes. :D There might also be discrepancies between the recording and the PDF because I made changes after recording it and got too lazy to do it again, so sorry for that.

Comments are nice but not necessary, though I would appreciate any feedback people have after playing the piece to sort out kinks and stuff. Other than that, I'm just looking to jump into this fandom a little more (though with school approaching it's probably not the best idea). So yeah. Maybe I'll do another song soon, though I don't think I'll be able to get another one out...

19 August 2009 @ 05:54 pm
Solo Piano Arrangement: Kumori Nochi, Kaisei - Yano Kenta starring Satoshi Ohno  
I wish I was able to order a copy of All The Best! LE. But... yeah, life happens. (Maybe I can get my relatives to get me the HK version or something...) But congrats to our sparkle boys for their first day sales. :D

I had this done a few days ago, but... it's pretty messy. XD I think I now understand why sheet music for this doesn't seem to be easily found/actually exist. I wanted it to be as accurate as possible, so I think I took that over making it simple to sight-read. My advice, though, is that you just listen to the MP3 and the original to get the rhythms while you use the sheet music to get the notes. It will make more sense after. ^^"

Thank goodness that one little clip at the end of episode 6 of Uta no Onii-san exists...

Personally, I think my arrangement is a little difficult, so feedback on this one would be much appreciated.

Download Link (MU)

As usual, the compressed file contains a PDF and an MP3. Sorry that the last two bars of the MP3 don't actually slow down like it says on the PDF, Finale was being stupid. Just... imagine it. :D

in case you don't want to read about all the stuff i whined about while doing this )

After this, unless something really strikes me, I'll be doing some songs my friends have requested and tossing Voyager from V6 somewhere in there (just because I'm still listening to it on repeat). I don't know if I'll put them up, I probably will just for the heck of it - does the song from Kami-sama mou sukoshi dake (never seen it, just hoping that's the name...) or an a capella version of 'Danny Boy' interest anyone? XD

On a completely random RL note: I finally got notification that I'm on my school's music council. XD

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03 August 2009 @ 03:21 pm
Solo Piano Arrangement: Kako (Konseki) - Ninomiya Kazunari  
... this must be the first time I've ever put anything like this up online.

That aside! With the lull of summer and some time to spare, I went surfing around as usual and wound up listening to Nino's Iza, Now! concert solo. And fell in love with it. Then I tried looking for some sheet music for it (because I'm not very good playing by ear) and couldn't find any to the extent of my limited ability to search.

So I made some. :D Highly recommend using pedal, so the left hand carries a little more.

PDF + MP3 (MU) | JPEG (MU)

If you take the file, comments would be nice but not necessary (just because I don't always comment, and being hypocritical is counterproductive).

In the first compressed file is a PDF version of the transcription and an MP3 of how it sounded on Finale Playback. The second one is four JPEG images of the PDF, for anyone who's in a sticky situation and can't open a PDF, but right now the MP3 is NOT included in the second file.

I probably will not put up my own playing  - I'm honestly not very good - but if you would like to upload your playing of this arrangement, by all means, just please credit the transcription and send me a link because I'd like to hear someone else play it.

It's my first time arranging anything for solo piano (the only prior experience I have with transcription is a capella vocal work) so if anything sounds off, please feel free to leave any feedback for improvement. I'm also open for some requests at the moment, if anyone wants any.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I may do a piano/vocal arrangement, if inspiration comes.

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06 September 2004 @ 05:32 pm
the list of like... stuff.  
With my ambition of making more sheet music and occasional writing, I think I'll just make a master list. Everything will be updated here.

[UPDATED:  May 19, 2011]


Title: 痕跡 - Kako (Konseki)
Info: いざ、Now! (Iza, Now!) concert (2004)
Version(s): solo piano, piano/vocal
Composer: Ninomiya Kazunari
Performer: Ninomiya Kazunari

Title: 曇りのち、快晴 - Kumori Nochi, Kaisei
Info: theme song to '歌のお兄さん' (Uta no Onii-san) drama (2009)
Version(s): solo piano
Composer: QQ
Performer: Yano Kenta starring Satoshi Ohno

Title: Voyager
Info: track 1 on 'Voyager' album (2007)
Version(s): solo piano
Composer: HIKARI
Performer: V6

Info: single (with Swing!) released on 17/09/08
Version(s): solo piano
Composer: Yusuke Kato
Performer: V6

Title: 너라고 (It's You)
Info: track 3 on 'Sorry, Sorry' Repackage album (2009)
Version(s): solo piano
Composer: E-TRIBE
Performer: Super Junior

Title: 命運線 (Destiny)
Info: track 2 on '太完美 (Perfection)' album (2011)
Version: solo piano
Performer: Super Junior-M

Title: How Little
Info: track 11 on 'Out of Bounds' album (2006)
Version(s): 6-voice a capella
Composer: Mia Makaroff
Performer: Rajaton

Title: Dobbin's Flowery Vale
Info: 2006 version, track 1 on 'Out of Bounds' album (2006)
Version(s): 6-voice a capella
Composer: Irish Folk Melody
Performer: Rajaton


Title: Wish
Info: OST for 'Kami-sama, Mou Sukoshi Dake' drama (1998)
Version(s): solo piano
Composer: S.E.N.S.
Performer: S.E.N.S.


NOTE: Not everything is listed; this is an accurate reflection of what I'm currently into. For complete list go to


Title: The Bottle of Fortune
Genre: Humour
Characters: Host Club, Ranka
Summary: Tamaki discovers 'Spin the Bottle'. Chaos ensues.
Extra note: VERY long. But very worth it.

Title: Like a Rose
Genre: General
Characters: Tamaki, Haruhi
Summary: Tamaki never knew why he loved roses. What made them so special?

Title: Gun Bang, Girl Gang
Genre: General/Humour
Characters: Host Club, Roberia Zuka Club
Summary: Another normal day at the Host Club? As if any day there was normal. To top it all off, the 'scary ladies' come around for another visit. A look into what could potentially be a regular occurrence.
Extra note: Written on the prompts gun, card and bag from [ profile] sidevocalist .

Title: Recharge
Genre: General/Humour
Characters: Host Club
Summary: The Host Club thinks it's solved the mystery of sleepy Mori. Of course, Mori has no idea what they're talking about.
Extra note: Written on the prompt Duracell AA battery.

Title: Unexpected
Genre: Romance/Humour
Characters: Mori, Haruhi, Host club
Summary: Haruhi thought she had gotten used to the anomalies of the Host Club. She had not.


Title: Poison Tree
Genre: General
Characters: Guy, Duke Fabre
Summary: He watched, by the light of the moon, as Duke Fabre’s eyes flickered open to find a sword at his throat. A 'what-if' for Guy.
Extra note: Spoilers for Guy's past. Inspired by the poem Poison Tree by William Blake.


[OSCAR CRUSADE] - Collection of one-shots centered around Oscar.

Title: Axemen
Genre: General
Characters: Oscar, Boyd, Kieran
Summary: Between his brother and his 'rival', he could draw some parallels. After all, they were axemen.
Extra note: Alternate scenario included. This axeman shouldn't exist!

Title: Bowstrings
Genre: General
Characters: Oscar, Boyd, Rolf
Summary: There was nothing better than a bit of archery to get the brothers arguing, but arguments and mockeries could never break their bond.

Title: Contumely
Genre: General/Humour
Characters: Oscar, Boyd, Rolf
Summary: An account of how one cookie sent sibling rivalry out of control, and who saves the day.
Extra note: Complete with extra ending! Soren is not to be missed.

Title: Days
Genre: General
Characters: Oscar, Boyd
Summary: Time will pass, and things will change, but some things just stay exactly the same. Boyd's reflection on a constant in his life.

Title: First Blood
Genre: General
Characters: Oscar, Kieran
Summary: The first battle. Why he keeps continuing.

Title: Genealogy
Genre: General
Characters: Oscar, Rolf, Boyd
Summary: Looking at what actually happened to the three brothers and what led them to that fateful reunion.
Extra note: Spoilers for the base conversation 'The Three Brothers'.

Title: Happy Place
Genre: General/Humour
Characters: Oscar, Mist
Summary: The slow-cooked destruction of his beloved kitchen at the hands of Mist.

Title: Insight
Genre: General/Humour
Characters: Oscar, Janaff
Summary: It may have been the skill of the Hawk King's eyes, but it didn't mean that others couldn't use it on him.

Title: Jade
Genre: General
Characters: Oscar, Astrid
Summary: Like any other lovestruck young man, he wanted to tell her, but he didn't know how.

Title: Mimicry
Genre: General/Humour
Characters: Oscar, Boyd, Rolf
Summary: So just how does Oscar live his life with squinty eyes? His brothers are about to try and find out. Unfortunately for Oscar, that means more trouble for him.

Title: Narrow Peepers
Genre: Humour
Characters: Oscar
Summary: A day through Oscar's eyes, complete with letters. It's always about the eyes, isn't it?
Extra note: VERY long. The one that started the whole ordeal.

Title: Viridian
Genre: General
Characters: Rolf, Oscar
Summary: A reflection on just why that colour was so closely associated with his brother.

[THE FORBIDDEN] - A trilogy of reflections on a relationship that shouldn't have existed. Ike/Elincia.

Title: Unspoken
Genre: General/Angst
Characters: Ike, Elincia
Summary: Some things are best left unsaid. Others we wish we had said. The worst thing, though, is when you want to say something and you don't know how. Ike's version.

Title: Symphonie Fantastique
Genre: General
Characters: Geoffrey, Elincia
Summary: For we are all artists of life, and we have only been disillusioned by the drug of love. Geoffrey's version.

Title: Resolution
Genre: General
Characters: Ike, Elincia, Geoffrey
Summary: Emotions and thoughts help shape relationships with others. When the two clash, it is difficult to find resolution. Elincia's version.


Title: ex tenebris (out of the darkness)
Genre: General
Characters: changes by the chapter
Summary: From the darkness come the memories of love and loss. Pieces of events surface and fade.
Extra note: A collection of one-shots under a thousand words. Each draws inspiration from a song by Arashi. Yes, this is my way of mixing fandoms. Don't ask.


Title: remnants
Genre: General
Characters: Kay
Summary: The white cloth held within it the remnants of a dark memory, but also the reminder of a promise. A look at seventeen-year-old Kay Faraday.


Title: amor omnia vincit: love conquers all
Genre: General
Summary: Braving your own sorrows for the sake of someone else's smile, high-school style.
Extra note: Drabble. Written based on Smile Maker by NEWS for [ profile] kaychung .

Title: lapidae: of stone
Genre: General
Summary: A promise that transcends the grave, the war, time and space.
Extra note: Drabble. Written based on OUR STORY by KAT-TUN for [ profile] kaychung .

Genre: General
Summary: The truth is a heartless thing. And yet everyone asks for it. Perhaps it's not as amazing as it's made out to be.
Extra note: Written based on a prompt given in the post.

Title:  historia: history
Genre:  General
Summary:  Journeying has its own certain homely atmosphere.
Extra note:  Written based on Voyager by V6 for [ profile] kaychung .

Title: ∞ (infinity)
Genre: General
Summary: How schedules, a boy, an old man and quantum physics come together. A lesson about appreciating life's spontaneity.
Extra note: Not written on a prompt! Ha. XD

Title: witness to our crime
Genre: General/Romance
Summary: An encounter that should not have happened, let alone chased. When love is pain and we are all only masochists.
Extra note: Written based on GUILTY by V6. Not really because the person the piece was intended for requested it, it was more because I wanted to not-so-secretly fangirl. :D