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quid? mortuus? eheu! (what? dead? alas!)

Welcome to the journal of NESSA. How do you do?

journal contents
+ personal posts (school, friends, daily happenings)
+ occasional pieces of writing (original/fanfiction)
+ sheet music arrangements (open for requests, if there are any)
+ fangirling (well, yeah.)

current interests
+ Asian pop/entertainment (in particular Arashi, V6, Super Junior, SHINee but I do branch out. And of course, I'm biased.)
+ video games (Tales of and Fire Emblem)
+ animé/manga (especially Ouran and Durarara!! lately)
+ music in general (listening, playing, creating, etc.)

Feel free to friend me, just drop a note here and we should get along just fine. I like making new friends :D I don't have much of a friending policy, but I do hope that you can either talk to me about something fandom-wise or that you like reading about my day-to-day struggles in life (but really, you're probably doing the latter because you can do the former).

I don't do friends cuts, so if you just don't feel like we connect any more, feel free to remove me - no hard feelings :)

I feel like I should cover my butt, so: unless stated, I DO NOT own any of the songs I transcribe. I try to put the correct composer on the sheet music, but if I don't know it I'll say so on the corresponding post.

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puto concavaci me. (Roughly translated, that means 'I think I pooped myself.')
-- Claudius, Apocolocyntosis

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