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Nessa ([personal profile] elincia) wrote on August 3rd, 2009 at 03:21 pm
Solo Piano Arrangement: Kako (Konseki) - Ninomiya Kazunari
... this must be the first time I've ever put anything like this up online.

That aside! With the lull of summer and some time to spare, I went surfing around as usual and wound up listening to Nino's Iza, Now! concert solo. And fell in love with it. Then I tried looking for some sheet music for it (because I'm not very good playing by ear) and couldn't find any to the extent of my limited ability to search.

So I made some. :D Highly recommend using pedal, so the left hand carries a little more.

PDF + MP3 (MU) | JPEG (MU)

If you take the file, comments would be nice but not necessary (just because I don't always comment, and being hypocritical is counterproductive).

In the first compressed file is a PDF version of the transcription and an MP3 of how it sounded on Finale Playback. The second one is four JPEG images of the PDF, for anyone who's in a sticky situation and can't open a PDF, but right now the MP3 is NOT included in the second file.

I probably will not put up my own playing  - I'm honestly not very good - but if you would like to upload your playing of this arrangement, by all means, just please credit the transcription and send me a link because I'd like to hear someone else play it.

It's my first time arranging anything for solo piano (the only prior experience I have with transcription is a capella vocal work) so if anything sounds off, please feel free to leave any feedback for improvement. I'm also open for some requests at the moment, if anyone wants any.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I may do a piano/vocal arrangement, if inspiration comes.

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