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Nessa ([personal profile] elincia) wrote on May 17th, 2010 at 10:04 pm
happy birthday to the smiliest of smilies!
I never make more than one mouth on a smiley. Today, I will make an exception to this rule.


Honestly, no smiley face can really represent how awesome his grin is. When I first got into V6 and watched their variety shows, I was immediately drawn to how much he smiled. He had a great laugh and he was always being silly, which made me laugh. Soon enough, he became the member I would watch.

Then as I learned more about them, I discovered that he was the owner of that amazing voice I was hearing. Because I got into V6 for their music first, I was in awe at how well he sang, not only in his solo lines but how he meshed with the rest of the group, and how his voice was powerful and full of emotion.

Then I learned he played guitar. And being the sucker for musicians I am, it only confirmed that he was my favourite V6 member.

And so I deemed him awesome. XD

He's wonderfully honest and he is very capable. Not only is he a great singer and performer (a backflip HB, haha), he's also a great talker and that's been rewarded with his morning show. I'm glad that he's getting the recognition that he deserves and I hope he's managing his schedule very well. His jweb is also incredibly cute in his usage of emoticons and his arbitrary subject choice, and it connects to so many.

If I were to analyze the V6 family, we'd have Sakamoto-papa, Nagano-mama, the Kamisen kids and Inocchi would be the loyal and cuddly family dog who brings the family together (speaking of dog, I think whoever decided to make that commercial with him as a postman and that dog is awesome). And not only is he part of this wonderful family, he has one of his own! I'm proud of him for being part of the small married crowd of Johnny's, haha. (I don't know why I should be proud of this, is that sad?)

Inocchi, thank you for being awesome, and I hope you will continue being awesome. :)
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