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Nessa ([personal profile] elincia) wrote on December 26th, 2009 at 08:06 pm
why the magician is number one

So I'll try and remember as much as I had before the stupid thing died on me. Here goes.

I've never done a full-blown fandom post and I was busy with the scanner so Aegisub was being slowed down, so I started this instead! And it's about none other than my number one. I'm too lazy to go hunt down magazines so no scans, but there will be a couple screencaps. And I'm just bored, really, so not everything will come to my head, so let's consider this a work in progress. Because for sure I'll find more reasons I like this brat that I'll have to add. (And maybe if I'm not lazy, more screencaps.)

Like who, you ask? None other than Ninomiya Kazunari! :D

Why him out of the five dorks in the rainbow sparkles we call Arashi - well, you'll see.

ONE: He's a musician. Niji in action! By the way, I really want that grand. Like aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Maybe it's the inner band geek in me speaking, but I like guys who can play instruments. And I mean, we all know the undisputed vocal king - if I can call it that - in Arashi is Leader (and that Ohno is also one of the best in JE altogether!) but Nino plays piano as well, which is a big plus in my book, and guitar, and bass, and drums AND he writes his own stuff, which I wish we saw more of. Here's to hoping for the next album. XD But seriously, he wrote this (translated by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] taijiproject) and it really struck me, which isn't that often.

For me, Nino can command the stage. When he sings, he can wear his emotions on his face - happiness, anguish, whatever it is, it works and he conveys it extremely well. Of course, Arashi is best when all five are on stage together, but Nino is perfectly capable of filling the entire stage with his presence when he sings his solos. You can also hear his personality come out in his voice, which is what makes him unique - not in the fact that he can put himself in his voice, but that you can hear it and distinctly feel the Nino-ness coming from it. He knows his music and he connects with it, which lets you connect with it too.

TWO: He's a trickster. Ni no Arashi, anybody? :D

It's not just that, of course - he's got a great variety personality. He's quick to snap at someone's faults, and it's usually the other members, which makes it all the more adorable (though I think of the Utaban talk where they take turns insulting Nakai and think that Nino would fit perfectly XD). I loved it when Higendanshaku went on AnS and he kept telling Higuchi to do his Higuchi cutter AND HE LAUGHED IN THE CORNER AFTER :D All in all, watching Nino generally makes for quality entertainment.

THREE: I like what he acts in and what he acts as. Ariake 3 FTW!

Granted, Nino's appearance sets him in certain roles, it's true. He doesn't look necessarily royal or high-class. But I like dramas where the focus isn't on something so flashy, so Haikei, Chichiue-sama and Ryusei no Kizuna were great for me. And Nino as an older brother in Ryusei was like one of the most entertaining things to watch. Older brother to Ryo and Toda Erika :D Him and Yoko in Haikei was great to watch too, partly because half the time he's yelling at Yoko XD Nino doesn't have to overdo it in order to convey the feeling, too, which is what I like about his acting. It's not in-your-face.
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