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So I passed my Bronze Cross exam today. Yay. I completely flipped out after I was told to redo something... and then I didn't even know what I did wrong at that point, but apparently I fixed it. XD

Anyways, I've been trying to get back into writing, but I feel like EPIC FAIL.

Step and Go

It was in the days that she spent with him that her life lit up.

Brash, cocky and a little stupid at times, the middle brother was definitely the most vibrant in comparison to his prudent, calm older brother and his slightly shy, sometimes insecure little brother. But to her, among them, he shone.

One fall day, the wind had swept her favourite scarf high up into a tree, and she had agonized over how to get it down until he decided that he would chop down the entire tree with his axe so that she could get it back. She hadn’t thought he was serious until she returned to that spot a few hours later and saw him, fainted from exhaustion. Needless to say, she had to rescue him, but his smile when he regained consciousness was more than enough for her.

It was illuminating.

Of course, he insisted on getting the scarf. Finally, he went to Melior and asked Marcia to come back and fly up to get it. After a few days up in the air it was a little tattered and dirty, but after he gave it back to her she still immediately put it on. Whenever she had this feeling, she felt the urge to tell him about this warm feeling that she felt, the light that she saw in him, but she was always afraid, afraid that taking one step off their thread of a relationship was something that was too risky, so that going forward was impossible.


He had made a trip with her to a nearby town for supplies. She had warned him to bring some sort of coat, as the winter season was approaching, but he only insisted that he was ‘man enough to bear the cold’. Nevertheless, she brought a jacket for herself, as even she didn’t think that the cold would be such a problem.

On the way back, a cold snap suddenly hit them. As she immediately slipped on her jacket, the cold snap died, but she could see that his teeth were chattering. She asked if he wanted the jacket, but he refused. It wasn’t manly, he said, even though she insisted that manliness sometimes had to be sacrificed for the sake of being able to stay alive.

Then the snowstorm struck.

The two of them were stuck on the side of the road, one of them curled up near the ground, wrapping her jacket more tightly around her, the other jumping up and down like a maniac, too stubborn to accept the offer of part of the jacket’s cover. But even huddled, she began to lose the feeling in her limbs, as she feared that they wouldn’t make it out alive.

At that moment, he couldn’t take it any more and flung himself on her, wrapping his arms around her tightly, trying to squeeze any warmth he could out of her. But though he was colder than she was, she suddenly felt warm; it felt like she was suddenly holding a sparkle of light in her hands, a sparkle that wouldn’t fade away.

The two of them stayed together until the snow subsided, which thankfully wasn’t that much later. At that point, he had realized what he was doing and jumped away, looking slightly embarrassed, but the light she saw in him couldn’t be hidden. And they both knew that alone, they wouldn’t have survived.

Still, with the exposure to the cold, he had fallen ill. And now his life was in her hands.

She had made the decision to be the main healer; she had begged Rhys to let her do this one thing even though he was much more experienced than she. This was her chance to finally embrace that light that she saw, the warmth that she felt, and turn it into an expression of herself. This was her step forward.

Her hands on her staff, she thought of the glittering days that she had passed with him, willing those glimmering memories into her staff, watching the blue crystal orb begin to pulsate with light. The light rippled over his body as she touched the tip of the staff onto his chest. She willed her warmth, her strength, her images of his brilliant persona into him, trying to bring him back.

She watched with anxiety as the light from her staff finally faded, her job done as best as she could. She touched his hand; it was still cold, but it had in its core a tiny bit of warmth.

He opened his eyes.


She was glad she had made that step – from that one step had grown an illuminated path, one that they could walk together, run down together, skip along together, a path that stretched until eternity. Her world had changed, and maybe his; now her light overflowed into his, and his into hers, until they both turned into a single identity. It was a light that they could hold onto as they went down their path, a light that would never fade.

It was in the days that she spent with him that her life lit up.

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