elincia: (forgotten tamaki)
Nessa ([personal profile] elincia) wrote on September 5th, 2009 at 07:54 pm
Solo Piano Arrangement: Wish - S.E.N.S.
My friend [livejournal.com profile] suckslikethat asked me to transcribe from a video she saw on YouTube of a medley of things from 'Kami-sama, Mou Sukoshi Dake' (or however it's written, sorry).

I did some tinkering, and gave my file to her. I then listened to the original version and it truly is pretty. So I added eight bars that weren't present in the above video and came out with this version of Wish. It was hard to add in stuff, because there's a lot that this arrangement doesn't have in terms of texture change. Do give the original a listen, it has a beautiful horn.

Download Link (MU)

As usual, pedal is your friend :D And the .rar contains the PDF and an MP3 of Finale's playback.

And yes, I am trying something as crazy as making LIGHT IN YOUR HEART into piano. >_< 

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